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Snorkeling Egypt / Abu Dabbab was filmed with the GoPro HERO 8 Black in 4k 60fps. Snorkeling in Egypt is a great experience and the underwater world in Marsa Alam/Abu Dabbab has really a lot to offer. This GoPro 8 underwater video is post-processed and no red filter was used! Snorkeling with the GoPro HERO 8 is a good choice to get awesome underwater footage with a small budget but you have to take the challenge of editing.
In this video I show you the Abu Dabbab bay in Marsa Alam/Egypt in 4k. The bay is famous for its giant sea turtles which can be spotted here almost every day. We will have a look for the beach and reef near the Hilton Nubian Resort and for the sea grass meadow right there. Some shots in the video were taken nearby the Malakia Resort but I usually snorkeled on the Hilton-side.

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Snorkeling Egypt / Abu Dabbab | GoPro HERO 8 4K 60FPS

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