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What an experience! Snorkeling with the Powerbreather in Egypt (Hurghada / Soma Bay)!
Get some insights of the usage of the Powerbreather and get your own Powerbreather here:

"We had a lot of fun snorkeling and diving in Soma Bay / Egypt nearby Hurghada. The team from "The Breakers Diving & Surfing Lodge" and the "ORCA Dive Center" cared for us extremely well. Thank you very much again! Over the long pier we could directly reach the house reef and start our snorkel and dive trips. Via electric shuttle also the guests of Robinson Club Somabay, Kempinski Hotel Somabay, Sheraton Somabay Resort, The Cascades Golf Resort reach the brilliant reef in the Red Sea. The location was ideal for this promotion video for our POWERBREATHER. The ideal snorkel for all snorkelers who like to dive down. No blowing out is necessary after the ascent and the whole thing with 100% fresh air without pendulum breathing. The POWERBREATHER is the Swiss knife among the snorkels and is also ideal for swimming without having to breathe sideways.

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